Monthly Archives: October 2012

October 30th

Cleans 5×1

RICKY AMRAP 20 minutes:
10 pull-ups,
5 dumbbell deadlifts @75/55LBS,
8 push presses @135/95LBS

October 29th

Skill: 5×5 front squats

20 minute death by squat thrusters

RX Weight Men 95
RX Weight Women 65

October 25th

Today we worked on overhead squats and a lot of people broke PR’s. Was awesome to see.

100 chin-ups
100 pushups
100 sit-ups
100 air squats.

Morning class got off easy. 515 class was not allowed to partition it.

October 19th

5×5 box squats

Fight Gone Bad

October 18th

Oct 18th

Death by Power Snatch
Men RX 115LB
Women RX 85LB

Wod # 2 Hopper

Run 500 Meters
20 step up w/ 35/25kb each hand 24/20 inch box
L-Sit holds for 60 seconds
20 SMDHP 70/53
20 Burpee Dips
20 SMDHP 70/53
L-Sit holds for 60 seconds
20 step up w/ 35/25kb each hand 24/20 inch box
Run 500 Meters


October 17th

This morning class was really good to see people getting consistent toes-to-bar/Knees-to-elbows and double-unders. Love seeing people improving on a weekly basis!-


Karen (150 wall balls) and 100 double unders for time.

Men Rx 20lb ball
Women RX 14lb ball

Wod 2

10 toes to bar
10kb swings 70/53
10 parallel pass throughs

October 16th

Working on Clean and Push Press form!

5 Minute AMRAP
Clean and Jerk
*RX Weight Men 135
*RX Weight Women 95


1 Bear Complex (7 cleans/7 Front Squats/7 Presses/7 Back Squats/7 Presses= 1 Bear Complex
10 Pullups
20 Pushups
30 Air Squats
Run 200 Meters

*RX Weight Men 75
*RX Weight Women 55

News Journal Article

October 15th

L Sit hold for time 3x

Josh” is a CrossFit Hero WOD named after SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, who was killed February 22, 2007 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

1 Round for Time:

OHS weight is 95/65
21 OH Squats
42 Pull-Ups
15 OH Squats
30 Pull-ups
9 OH Squats
18 Pull-Ups

Free Class

Fit 1 CrossFit is offering free Classes on the first and third Saturday of every month at 9:00am.  Come see us at 9:00 am on October 20th for a free workout and see what CrossFit is all about.