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November 29th

November 29th
Skill: Find 1 rep max for split jerk.
3×5, 2×2 1×1

WOD: do 75% of 1 rep max. 2 minutes to see how many reps you can get.

WOD 2: 3 rounds for time
10 reps DL 225/155
15 kb swings 75/53
20 hand release push-ups
25 sit-ups

November 26th

Skill: overhead squats. Make sure shoulders and hips are good and loosened up.

20 Overhead squats 20 Push Press 75/55 for 7 rounds

After party WOD:
3 rounds for time
10 pass throughs
15 hollow rocks
20 KTE

November 19th

Strength: triceps will be dead
8×8 close grip bench
10 ring dips
10 Diamond push-ups

WOD: 15 minute AMRAP
Walking lunges 25/35 with plate over head
10 snatches each arm 50/35 db
15 KTE

November 18th

Team workouts:
Workout 1:
Teams of 3 10,000 pounds over head. Bar can not touch the ground!

Workout 2 prowler push and row. This had the legs burning after down and back 2x!

November 14th

Db split jerk. Work on alternate legs and really try pushing yourself under the db

WOD 1: OTMEM reps increase
Minutes 1-10 overhead squats
11-20 front squats
21+ back squats

45/33 pound bars

5 rounds 10 minute time cap
Shuttle run
10 burpees
10 TTB

Monday November 12th

Skill: Snatch Balance

Wod # 1
10 Rounds for Time
15 Dl 135/85
15 Chest to ground Push-ups

Wod # 2
10 Minute Amrap
15 Second L-sit holds
5 V-ups
10 Knees-to Elbows

Sunday November 11th

We did team workouts. It was a blast and everyone was working hard. It was fun to see everyone working as a team and competing.

Event 1
We had three five person teams. The event was a Team Chipper event. You could not move onto the next exercise until your team member finished that exercise.

15 Chin-ups
10 Wall ball 20/14
10 Burpee Box Jump
10 Ball Slams 30/20
10 DB Thrusters 35/24
Run 400 Meters as a team.
10 DB Thrusters 35/24
10 Ball Slams 30/20
10 Burpee Box Jump
10 Wall ball 20/14
15 Chin-ups
Run 400 Meters as a team
All team members have to start sit-ups when done with run. when you hit 250 sit-ups as a team you are done.

Team Event # 2
12 Minute AMRAP
five 3 person teams
5 Power Cleans 135/85 With remainder of that minute you do Box jumps. Next two team members do same movement. Next Round you do Hand Release Push-ups Keep track of reps. Each person does 2 rounds of box Jumps and 2 Rounds of Hand Release Push-ups.


Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser For Cody Stevens Results

Saturdays Event for Cody Went awesome. We raised $515 for Cody. Emily Donahue won the Women’s Division with a score of 310 and Josh Leedy Won the Men’s Division with a score of 337 for Fight gone bad. Thank you for everyone that participated in the event!!!

November 7th


Turkish get up


20 Minutes Death by Toes-to-bar and Chin-ups
1st minute 1 Chin-up 1 Toes-to-bar
2nd Minute 2 Chin-up 2 Toes-to-bar
3rd Minute 3 Chin-up 3 Toes-to-bar

See how man you can do. Once you fail start back at 1

Best in the class got 10 Chin-ups and 10 Toes-to-Bar

November 6th

Today’s workout was an all you got in the tank workout.  We wanted people to push themselves as hard as they could for a 1 minute and rest a 1 minute and move onto the next movement!  Everyone showed a lot of heart in this workout!

You get to choose the order you do this workout in. Keep track of total reps. 2 rounds after first round you get 2 minute rest

DL 185/115
KB Swings 53/35
SDHP 75/55
Wall Balls 20/14
Cleans 115/75
Row for Calories