CrossFit for everyone

CrossFit is for Everyone
The large misconception in the fitness community is that CrossFit is only for the young and fit athlete. That is certainly not the case. I would like to inform everyone that CrossFit is for anyone. Achieving optimal health is something everyone can do. We are here to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable, as well as capable. All of our WOD’s (workouts) can be scaled down, even for the person who cannot do an air squat. The purpose of CrossFit is to help you do things you normally thought you were not capable of. CrossFit is functional training and the movements we do are to help you with everyday life. Dead lifts, Squats and other movements seem like complicated movements to the average person but in reality they are functional movements and essential to our well being. A dead lift is equivalent to picking up a bag of groceries from the floor. A squat is equivalent to sitting in and out of a chair. Running, jumping, throwing, and rowing are all functions we do in our daily life even though we don’t notice it or look at it that way. As we get older it is key we do these movements and stay active. Is it possible to achieve optimal health with out a daily workout routine? The answer is no. The key to staying healthy is staying active.


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