December 16th

WOD 1:

2 person teams
Race to 10,000 Pounds Ground to over head for Men. 7,500 for Women
Each team determine the weight.
Men Weight
75lb= 133 reps
105= 95
Women’s Weight
45lb= 166

2 Person Team Fran: Partner does 21 squat thruster 95/65lb other partner does 21 chin-ups partner that does 21 squat thrusters does 15 chins and so on!

2 Person Wod: 3

3 sled pushes from each team member. After 2nd team member finishes you each have to do 50 wall ball 20/14 and 50 V-ups


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  1. That sounds Awesome and Fun!!

  2. Sounds like a good time!!

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