Monthly Archives: January 2013

January 23,2013

Skill: heavy thrusters 5×3

WOD: hero WOD Jack
20 minute AMRAP

10 push press 115/85
10kb swings 53/35
10 box jumps 24/20

January 22, 2013

Skill: snatch try and find a 1 rep max

WOD 1: 10 minute AMRAP
30 double unders, or 75 singles
15 power snatches 95/65

WOD 2: for time
10 burpees 1 power clean
9 burpees 2 power cleans
8 burpees 3 power cleans
7 burpees 4 power cleans
6 burpees 5 power cleans
5 burpees 6 power cleans
4 burpees 7 power cleans
3 burpees 8 power cleans
2 burpees 9 power cleans
1 burpee 10 power cleans


January 19th, 2013

Teams of 3 18 minute time cap
You do 5 power cleans and for the rest of the minute you do burpee box jumps. Next two teammates do the same. Score is how many burpee box jumps you get for that minute.
Next round is 5 deadlifts and remainder of that minute is hand release push-ups. Score is hand release push-ups. After other two teammates go you start back at power cleans.

You will personally work for 6 minutes rest 2 minutes while teammates work. Weight is 135/95

January 18, 2013

Skill: squat cleans

WOD 1: 5 minute as many squat cleans and jerk 155/95

WOD 2: 15 minute AMRAP
5 squat thrusters
7 hang cleans

Weights is 95/75

January 15, 2013

Skill: Power Cleans

WOD 1: 30 power cleans for time

WOD 2: for time
50 KB swings 50/35
50 Box jumps 24/20
50 burpees

Pistol workshop

Pistol workshop this Saturday at 10:00AM email us to confirm your spot.

Family’s in need

The last Saturday and Sunday of every month we want you to bring a can of Food.We will be giving it to a family in need.

January 14, 2013

Skill: 5×5 bench press

WOD: as many push press you can get in a minute, rest a minute 6 rounds of that. Count your total reps

WOD 2: 100 ring dips for time

January 10, 2013

Skill: L-sit holds for time & water pipe holds over head for time

WOD: 15 minute AMRAP
20 Wall Ball
15 chin-ups
10 KB snatch 10 reps each arms 53/35
5 pass throughs

This looked easy on paper. Definitely a lung burner

Pistol workshop January 19th 10:00AM

Can you do pistols? Wonder why you can’t do pistols. We can help! We will show you everything you need to know about conquering pistols. we will show you progressions that will have you mastering pistols in no time. Join us Saturday January 19th at 10:00AM. Cost is $10.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members. Contact us if you plan on coming.