Thinking about Crossfit

Don’t try Crossfit if you want to keep the drudgery in your workouts. There are plenty of workout plans that deliver little results, are boring, and don’t really have a goal in mind.
Crossfit is very bothersome for people who like workouts like these.
Crossfit will change the way you think about your workouts, and by doing that you see amazing results. You immediately learn to love to workout, to push your body, to try new things. The program you receive here will make you fitter faster than anything you can imagine. Every client that has given it a month will testify.
You don’t have to be an athlete to come. Heck, you can be in the worst shape of your life, we will scale you back and ramp it up at a steady and safe pace. You’ll have the results that you never thought possible in no time. And once you get there, you’ll be thirsty for more.
Crossfit is NOT a gym. It is a fitness school specializing in proper functional movement. In time, along with getting fit, you will learn technique on everything, how to apply intensity, the aspects of fitness, how and what to eat, recovery, motivation, virtuosity, flexibility and much more.
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-this write up is from Spencer Hendel


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