Monthly Archives: July 2013


Starting July 29th Elements class will be $15 with a 3 month commitment. All of our memberships are month-to-month, after a 90 initiation period (this can be paid monthly). We want all new members to be committed to our program. New members are required to commit to a 90 day initiation period because we feel this is the minimum time commitment it will take to get the amazing results CrossFit can offer.


Elements Class 7/22-7/28

With Roy competing at the CrossFit Games, Elements Class will be at 7:00PM on Monday and Wednesday.

July 4th, 2013

July 4th workout will be at 8:00AM. After the workout we will be going to either Bicentennial Park, or slack fields to play some kind of sport. I was thinking something like Kickball, ultimate Frisbee.   We can do whatever, and you can bring your wives/husbands/grandparents/kids/cousins/ friends/ hitchhiker and lover.