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Masters Functional Fitness League

Congratulation’s to all the Fit 1 Athletes who competed in the MFFL. Our Athletes have completed 8 grueling WOD’s this past week. It’s been a fun week and all athlete’s should be proud of their accomplishments.
Workout 1: Grace (30 clean and jerks for time)
Men and Women RX weights
35-49 → 135 lbs / 95 lbs
50-54 → 125 lbs / 85 lbs
55-59 → 115 lbs / 75 lbs
60-64 → 95 lbs / 55 lbs
65+ → 55 lbs / 35 lbs
SCALED: ALL AGES → 85 lbs/45 lbs

Workout 2: Run For Your Life
Rx and Scaled Division are identical
At a standard track 100 Meter Sprint OTM (on the minute) x 5
Submit slowest time

Workout 3: Happy Birthday Juli Munson Mile
Rx and Scaled Division are identical.
Begin 10 minutes after Workout 2. Do four rounds for time of:
1) 13 burpees;
2) 13 air squats;
3) 13 hand release pushups;
4) 14 alternate leg lunges
5) run 400 meters.

Workout 4: “Stackin’ Up”
*16 minute Time Cap
For time:
Row 1,000 meters
Then 5 rounds of:
25 pull-ups
7 shoulder to overhead

Workout 5: Happy Birthday Tara Coulter and Sally Goldman
3 minute AMRAP
Back squats (racked)
Men 35-49 and Women 35-49 (155/105lb.)
Men 50-59 and Women 50-59 (135/85 lb.)
Men 60-64 and Women 60-64 (115/65 lb.)
Men 65+ and Women 65+ (95/45 lb.)
Scaled Division: all Ages (95/45 lb)

Workout 6: 21-15-9 COMPLEX
For Time
Round of 21:
8 deadlifts
7 hang power cleans
6 power snatches
8 pistols (alternating legs 4 + 4) or 16 Goblet Squats
7 ring dips
6 hand stand push ups (strict or kip)
Round of 15:
6 deadlifts
5 hang power cleans
4 power snatches
6 pistols (alternating legs 3 + 3) or 12 Goblet Squats
5 ring dips
4 hand-stand-push-ups (strict or kip)
Round of 9:
4 deadlifts
3 hang power cleans
2 power snatches
4 pistols or 8 Goblet Squats
3 ring dips
2 hand-stand-push-ups (strict or kip)

Workout 7: Have It Your Way: Happy Hildy
7 minute time cap for total weight lifted
20 DUs
5 OHS (from the ground)
20 DUs
5 OHS (from the ground)

Workout 8: Loren
7 minute time cap for total weight lifted
RX and Scaled divisions are identical
5 minutes to establish a snatch 1 Rep Max
Power snatch accepted
No limit on lifts
5 minute rest period
5 minutes to establish a clean & jerk 1 Rep Max
Power clean accepted
No limit on lifts


Come Fill your Prescription at Fit 1 Crossfit

Crossfit RX

5 Reasons to try Crossfit

1. It’s fun.
CrossFit is not like anything else you’ve ever done as either an endurance athletes or gym-goer. It’s the opposite of boring endurance exercise or ho-hum gym workouts. CrossFit workouts, called WODs, are constantly varied so you never really repeat them. WODs are short, intense and best of all, exciting. After you’ve recovered from the shock and awe of what you’ve just done, you’ll feel great and then realize you had fun at the same time. I have never met anyone who has said that CrossFit wasn’t fun.
2. It will help you get you fitter, faster.
CrossFit is based on constantly varied, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which means you get more physiological benefits in less time compared doing one type of exercise at a low or moderate intensity, like going on a five- to six-mile jog five days a week. Research shows that interval training (higher efforts combined with active rest) is more effective (on a per-minute comparison) than low or moderate intensity workouts for boosting your metabolism and transforming your body from flab to fab. And because muscles continually adapt to an exercise load, switching up what you do is key to keep gaining additional fitness benefits.
But don’t let the word “intense” scare you: WODs are scaled to your current conditioning and ability so it will be individualized for you.
3. You’ll love what your body can do.
If you’ve ever seen men or women who are consistent with CrossFit training, you’ll say, I want a body like that. CrossFit is one of the best ways to go from flab to fab. Unlike other exercise programs designed to get you pin-thin, CrossFit is designed to help you create a beautiful, lean physique that not only looks great but also allows you to do things you never thought you could. You’ll have strength to do lots of pull-ups and push-ups, stamina to run for miles as well as better balance, agility and coordination. You’ll feel confident about yourself and how strong and fit you feel.
4. You’ll gain a new social network.
CrossFit is often referred to as a fitness cult because CrossFitters are close-knit and they often socialize together. CrossFit gyms (called boxes) are as much about community as they are a place to workout. Egos are checked at the door; everyone is supportive of each other and will help you reach your personal goals. The other great thing is that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be welcome at other CrossFit facilities.
5. It can help make you a better person.
There are so many ways CrossFit can improve your life, I’ll share a few. It will help:
• Improve your self-confidence
• Make you more humble
• Help you lose excess body fat and gain muscle
• Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system
• Improve your flexibility and joint mobility
• Give you a whole new group of friends
• Put a smile on your face!