Daily Archives: October 30, 2015

Zen Planner

Click the link below to register for Zen Planner set -up you membership and auto pay for membership savings. It is quick and easy to register.


Member and New Prospects- Please register with Zen Planner for benefits listed below:

Member Connect

You can review class selections, make appointments for training sessions and manage your account from any mobile device, using Member Connect

Advanced Workout Tracking

You can easily record workout results and monitor your own progress over time in the gym on your mobile device

Mobile Access

You have quick access to available classes and locations. Using the online calendar, you can self-register and pay from any mobile device

Easy-to-View Schedule

View class options and calendars by instructor, location or program, using our simple filters

WOD Tracking

 The WODs will be posted daily so that you can keep track of your PR’s and Benchmark times and results.

If you need assistance registering please see Josh Leedy or Ann Glaze and will will be happy to assist you with the process.