CrossFit Kids

Fit 1 CrossFit Kids!
At CrossFit Kids we pair fitness with fun, thus creating a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children. Our goal, is to create an atmosphere of a community of kids,and teenagers that support each other and that their fitness enables them to have confidence and aids a better functioning in all areas of life. Our lives have been transformed through CrossFit and we want that for the kids we teach
Mark and Cheri Gaul

CrossFit Kids classes are on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00PM
Classes are not set in stone, since we are just starting these classes.
Email us times that are better suited for your Child if these times do not work for you. Email:


Training Packages Rates
Rate for Member
Non Member Rate
CrossFit Kids 1 Child $55 $70
CrossFit Kids 2 Children $80 $100
CrossFit Kids 3 Children $100 $130
Punch Card 10 classes $100 $110
  1. Crossfit makes people better , Crossfit Kids make better people !

  2. Is there an age limit? How young can they start?

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